Steeple Square Featured in Retrofit Magazine

The Durable Restoration Company was recently featured in Retrofit Magazine, alongside other contractors responsible for Steeple Square rejuvenation.

The article discusses the transformation of Steeple Square, a historic church complex in Dubuque, Iowa, into a vibrant community hub. Initially serving German-speaking immigrants and providing essential social services, the complex was repurposed to include an event center, affordable housing, childcare services, and vocational training facilities, thereby revitalizing a declining neighborhood and preserving the area's rich architectural heritage.

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WPXI Reports on DRC, Heinz Memorial, serving Pittsburgh, PA, has published a brief report on DRC's collab with The University of Pittsburgh to renovate Heinz Memorial Chapel.

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Celebrate History Quote

One of the best features of my home is the slate roof. With regular care and maintenance it will protect my home far beyond my lifetime. It bears the character and legacy of my home's pre-1900 construction, and I wouldn't trust it to just anyone. Thank you to the Durable Slate Company for protecting not only the value of my investment, but celebrating its history!

Photo Update: Residence, Circleville, OH

Photos by Kyle Tracey, Corporate.

I appreciated the honesty of Durable Slate explaining to me when the work would be done. I had an estimate in November, and Geoff explained that they were so busy that the work could not be done until the Spring. Immediately, however, Geoff was able to temporarily fix a missing slate, so that there would be no problem over the winter. Also, Geoff kept in regular contact with me to let me know that the whole repair job would be done. And it has been completed as promised! The roofer who completed the job was very professional. I would highly recommend this company.

Photo Update: Wilhelm Family Farms, Casstown, OH

Photos by Kyle Tracey, Corporate.

Professional Roofing Reports on Maryland Dome

Professional Roofing has published an in-depth article about the Maryland State House dome, highlighting the difficult work and complex coordination required to finish such a breathtaking project with minimal impact to the local community while following a tight schedule. Overall its a great read and really informative.

Find the original article here: Professional Roofing

Photo Update: Lincoln County Courthouse, Lincoln, IL

Photos by Helmer Pulido.

Photo Update: Residence, Zanesville, OH

Photos by Kyle Tracey, Corporate.

Tomorrow is Ben Wimmers and Bill Philhower's birthday!

March 4th is Bill Philhower and Ben Wimmer's birthday! Happy birthday to you both!